Unable To Track Your Finances- Try These Budgeting Apps

In this world, the most challenging task related to the finance field is handling your money. People often face an issue that they are unable o handle their finances and unable to make a budget of how and where they have to utilize their money. It would be best if you managed you’re your wealth for moving in the right direction in your life. You can take the help of various budgeting and tracking apps for fulfilling the purpose of your finance management.

There are a number 0f apps that are worth downloading but first of all; you need to set your goals and define a list of tasks that you want to perform through these apps. Every budgeting app focuses on a niche that is different from the other. We have shortlisted some financial apps for you based on various goals.

Best Apps For Budgeting

If you are looking for the best app for budgeting for tracking your income and expenses, They also provide you a feature of budgeting your salary. If you follow that budget correctly, then you will never fell short of money. The best apps are:-

  • YNAB 

The short form of YNAB is You Need A budget, considered as the best software for budgeting. In this software, you have to set your salary and your essential expenditure. It will suggest a budget which you need to follow throughout the month. It will decrease your dependency on the paychecks, and you will notice the buffer money you will be having after using this app. The management of money by YNAB is appreciable. If you want to enjoy the services offered, you have to buy a subscription to this app.

  • Personal Capital

It is the best app for asset and portfolio management purposes, along with your salary and expense management. It performs two main tasks, i.e., track your monthly expenses and suggest a budget. The other function is that it strengthens your investment and helps you track all of them through your phone only.

  • Emma

Emma platform uses a machine learning technique that helps it quickly analyze al;l your financial habits and expenses. Then according to its reading, it suggests a budget for you. It is a user-friendly interface that will help you track your finances at no cost.

  • Clarity Money

Clarity Money the most focused application for tracking your income, net worth, and expenses. There is a unique feature of weekly budgeting that this application offers so that you can manage your money in a much better way.

Best apps for cash advance

Some apps perform the activity of budgeting your cash and provide some cash advance to the customer. Suppose you require some money due to an emergency at the end of the month, then instead of asking someone to lend money, you can turn on to these apps. They provide you quick cash with any bank charges. The apps that made up to this list is:-

  • Empower

Empower started their journey as the budgeting app that provides you an overview regarding all the expenses and maintains a budget for you. Later they have introduced the feature of giving small loans to the customer who is their subscribers to deal with money scarcity. It lends around 250 dollars to the customer who requires the money without charging any fees or interest. The rule is that you have to clear the small loan with the next salary you receive.

  • MoneyLion

MoneyLion is the first platform that provides cash advance of around 250o dollars to all the customers who buy their premium membership that, too, without any fee. Their policy says that once you pay for the premium account, you do not need to pay any fees for taking the cash advance from their app. It also helps manage your budget side by side and provides you premium services regarding your expense handling.

  • Earnin

Earnin is the category of cash advance app that helps you borrow money upto 500 dollars, but you always start with an initial amount of 100 dollars. To reach upto the level of 500 dollars, you have to maintain a proper disbursement and repayment cycle. Once they build trust in you and meet their requirement, you can take the maximum cash advance.


These are the best tools listed according to the user requirement. All the tools perform their tasks perfectly, so you have to select your need and select which app best suits your requirement.

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