The Truth Behind Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is becoming more and more popular as a means of making money. On practically every web site that you visit, you can see an Affiliate link. “Join now” or “Sign up – it’s Free” are the door openers for many people looking to earn a substantial income or to supplement an existing one. Affiliate Marketing is an excellent resource if you know enough about it to make educated decisions.

Affiliate Marketing is promoting someone else’s product, business, or service using an affiliate marketing platform. You provide the advertisements and the traffic to their website, and they pay you a percentage of the sale for your efforts. You need to understand that you don’t make anything if you don’t send people to them that will buy into whatever they’re selling. There are thousands of affiliate sites that you can promote at any given time. Some of these require you to pay for the information on becoming an Affiliate Marketer, only to tell you that what you have to do is, in turn, get people to pay for the information just like you did.

Some will even offer you a “free” website just for joining. That’s great if you want a website to promote. The keyword here is “promote.” It is entirely up to you to advertise and bring traffic to your site. Remember, if they don’t make money, you don’t make money. So, you will possibly spend hours online promoting your site. You will need to research and find forums where you can post an advertisement. You will possibly need a blog to help spread the word. You can find free advertisement sites that will let you post a classified ad about your product or service. However, you do need to keep in mind that you are most likely not the only person advertising for this particular product, and thousands of others may be competing for the viewers you need. You can’t just advertise once. You will have to monitor your ads continually and your website to see that traffic is indeed flooding in to see what you have to offer. You also may want to check into ways to increase your traffic. That’s another article altogether.

You also need to understand the importance of search engine placement and page ranking. Although I’m no expert on either subject, I do understand that without both, you will never get more than a handful of visitors to your site each month. If you don’t have visitors, you can’t possibly expect to make a sale, and without a sale, you make no money. It would be best if you also considered that once someone does check out your site, there is no guarantee that they will buy into whatever you’re selling. Getting enough people to notice your site will most probably require paid advertising. Paid advertising can get extremely expensive. Remember the old saying, “it takes money to make money”? This saying is true of Affiliate Marketing.

The purpose of this post inst to steer you clear of Affiliate Marketing. It is just a means of explaining some of the downsides of having an Affiliate Marketing site. Please never believe someone who tells you that you will “become eternally wealthy in just 48 hours” or some other nonsense like that. There is no easy road to wealth. If there were, we would all be driving in the fast lane.

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