Privacy Policy

At Fiscalopedia, we consider the privacy of our client as the most crucial part of our services. We have established various policies to keep the confidentiality of the details you share with us. While we provide financial management services to you, we gather specific nonpublic information about you or your company.

Our privacy policy is to maintain this information strictly safeguarded and confidential and disclose or use only when needed to provide services to your company or you, or as required or permitted by the law. This policy is only applicable to the details of former and current clients.  

  • Information We Gather

The personal details we gather come directly from you that include information needed to communicate with you and effectively deal with your financial needs. Thus, this information could consist of:

  1. Your real name and address
  2. Your company’s investment experience and objectives
  3. Your financial status
  4. Account transactions and account balance
  5. Social security number
  6. Information regarding employment
  • We Also Gather Your Details From The Following Basis
  1. The information we receive in the application and other forms you have filled
  2. The details about the transaction you have with us or other services

We also gather information related to your company from dealers/brokers, custodians, and other companies.

Fiscalopedia also uses the affiliate ads on our network to collect visitors’ information on our site and then target those ads to you on different sites. Our partner’s team uses cookies and web beacons technologies to collect information. You can edit the personalized ads you like to see, but you will see some ads from us as we will earn some money from those ads.

  • How We Use The Information

All financial companies have to share their client personal details to keep running their business every day. Moreover, we use information related to you to provide the best financial advisory services to you. We may also disclose the details to third parties as allowed by the law, such as dealers/brokers, custodians, or other companies you used to provide or receive services.

However, we may require to provide our business information to regulatory authorities from time to time. This may also include information related to your business. However, we do not sell any information regarding you to any other party. The information we gather will be used within Fiscalopedia to enhance our online services according to your needs. Moreover, it will help us to offer you faster access to various sections of the Fiscalopedia website.

Though we may have to disclose your information to the third party to analyze the company’s financial condition, it may include information-technology companies that support us in designing, constructing, and maintaining our site.

  • How We Safeguard Your Information 

At Fiscalopedia, we are strongly committed to protecting your privacy and taking all the measures to keep it safe from the third party’s eyes. Moreover, we have various procedures specially designed to protect your privacy and provide complete confidentiality towards your information.

We aim to provide excellent protection from any leaks and keep the client information to themselves only, but if necessary, we may have to share it with the third party from which you used to take services. Moreover, these confidential agreements also apply to companies we hire to assist us in providing excellent security to your information, such as training of employees, password-protected user access, and strictly confidentially policies that are applicable to all the employees.